4 000 000 d’images calculées !

Sheep-it nous informe que la 4 millionième image a été calculée sur la renderfarm!


Nous en sommes maintenant à 4 100 000 images!

2000 crédits seront offerts à toutes personnes lançant des rendus dans les jours qui suivent.

Le communiqué:

We are very proud to announce that the 4,000,000th image has been rendered this week! It’s 6 days later and it’s already the 4,100,000th.

Thanks to you, renderers, who made this possible!

For the stats lover here some:
* 4,100,578 frames validated
* 49 years 266 days of cumulated render time
* 19,900 projects created
* 134,000 user sessions created
We never stop making improvements on the service.
Since the 3,000,000th event we added some nice features:
* on the standalone client your can save your settings and event auto log in. It will save you a lot of password typing! It means you can also launch it on the computer boot.
* you can split animation’s frames too. So you can render bigger frames, up to 80min of render time! It was in beta on the 3M event, it’s now open for everyone.
* on the backend of the server we did a lot of bugfixes, mostly on the GPU handle. It should be more effient now.
* we are now accepting bitcoin and dogecoin as a donation. Go on the donation for more information.

We also like to thank Joel Bernis who agreed to share his frame.
Its image was part of the Cycles demoreel 2015 and it was render on Sheepit!
It was one also render using the split frame for animation feature.

If you want to have your image as the next event illustration, simply contact us via the form on the website, tell us the image’s project.