[Addon] – IK-Easing Action

Issanou Kamardine nous présente son nouvel Addon, IK-Easing Action pour le Motion Design.

IK-Easing Action is an add-on especially developed for motion designers. It allows you to create stylish animations without leaving Blender 3D Viewport. You will be able to edit animation sequences as well as change interpolation modes in a second. Save your time!

Cet Addon est disponible sur le Blender Market à 12$.




Main features, beta v0.6

Action Editor

choice F-Curve channel
Hand Draw Action
option auto apply keys

Easing Editor

Travel fonction
change Interpolation / Easing, settings
pin animation range


jump to range
able to name sequence range
display single column / collapse

Next updates (price will increase)


give access to any animation data blocks


multicurve channels hand draw
Option sorting bookmarks order

Aditionnal motion

Apply F-Curve modificators #as noise
Wegel / wizz


‘hand’ Draw action > to F-Curve ’hand’ points
If chains have keyframes at the same time, they can be synchronized.
Pie / shortcut