Plasmasolutions nous présente une vidéo des nouveautés de Blender.

*Dans cet episode*
Grease pencil:
– Copy & Paste for stroke segments 0:47
– Copy active GPencil layer (Properties panel) 2:40
– Color swatches for stroke & fill colors 3:40
– F Key controls eraser size in edit mode 4:30
– Select linked with L 4:55

– Gamma node for Blender Internal 6:10
– Text documentation node added 7:45
– Pointiness Geometry Output 9:20
– Texture Coordinates from another object are now supported 11:40

– Normal Edit Modifier 15:00

– Random and Rake together supported 18:20
– Random rotation now has an angle to limit the rotation 21:20
– Cavity Mask Painting 22:15

– Graph Editor: Follow playback 24:12
– The compositor uses much less memory than before! 24:45
– The undo steps have been increased to 256 (from the ancient 64) 25:00

*Learn Blender in depth*
Rheinwerk Verlag:…
Amazon link:…

*What’s it all about*
In this series I’ll present at least twice a month new and (hopefully) useful features for all of you outside the Blender 3D development universe… all those features are brand new and are available in the official Blender version 2.74.

Greetings to all of you and thanks for all the encouraging comments and shares!

Download fresh builds at (Attention: there will be bugs in it for sure!)

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