Blender Today du 14 Novembre 2022 sur les améliorations de Cycles, etc.


Code Blog:

* Brush & Asset Drafts…


* Texture Paint: sync adding a new texture slot to the Image Editor


* Cycles: Add basic support for using OSL with OptiX

* Cycles: improve adaptive sampling for overexposed scenes

* Fix T101270: Object Info – Random not unique for nested instances and curves

* Fix T102214: inconsistenty between bake and render with invalid material index ANIMATION

* Cancel Equalize Handles & Snap Keys when no control points are selected

* NLA: Update context menu to include meta strip operators

* Add poll messages for marker operators UI

* Geometry Nodes: Fix alignment of exposed properties in the modifier

* UI: disable curve map & profile zoom buttons at max/min zoom level

* Gizmo toggle for Movie Clip Editor

* Fix T102187: Add knife tool in mesh panel

* Fix T96481: make color picker RGB display consistent

* GPencil: Add warning to Outline modifer when no Camera

* Fix T102140: Replacement of Noto Sans CJK Font

* Improved Korean Font Sample

* Sculpt: Rename Show/Hide operators for consistency


* Sculpt: Change symmetrize merge threshold and expose in workspace panel


* GPencil: Make Sculpt Auto-masking Global and not by Brush


* Color Management: Parallelize ImBuf conversion to float

* Mesh: Avoid calculating normals when building BVH tree


* UV: implement copy and paste for uv


* Rigify: port the ability to generate Action constraints from CloudRig.…

* Rigify: annotate and fix warnings in basic rig components.…


* Mesh: Convert color attribute operator

* Fix support for building with ffmpeg lower than 5.0

* Asset System: New core type to represent assets


* Asset Browser and Geometry Nodes in Pie menu

Blender Today Lundi 14/11/2022
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