Voici la compte rendu de la réunion des devs de Blender du 19 janvier 2014.

Hi all,

Here’s the notes from today’s meeting in irc.freenode.net, #blendercoders

1) 2.70 stuff

– We’re still in « BCon3 » – bug fix, stabilize new features.

– Tamito Kajima has a patch ready for Freestyle Python API reorganization, which will break older scripts. Suggested is to involve Lee Posey from http://blendernpr.org/ to write about it, and make sure the change is well supported and understood by everyone.

– Bastien is still working on solving FBX issues, which hopefully gets in the next release.

– Most of the meeting time then went on about the toolbar/tab topic!

– Ton Roosendaal expressed concerns that the new tabs are not clearly presented (or even designed) well, which causes too much discussion and opposition. Some people consider it work-flow centric, other see it as a fixed navigation feature. Some think most tools should be now become availble as button, others just want to be able to make custom tabs. Some think it’s only for the toolbar region, others think it now will be added everywhere. Also the quite strong opposition against the « ui clutter » with vertical bars has not answered to in a satisfying way yet.

In order to respect our release cycles, this topic should have been settled already… or we should postpone that to 2.71. It might be better to have design and code teams explore ways to handle these tabs (and other toolbar proposals) better.

With the next « BCon » still 4 weeks away, we can wait a week with final decions on planning here. Jonathan Williamson thinks he knows how to get everyone (well almost all) happy with it. Will come back on the agenda to decide next week.

2) Other projects

– Fracture proposal by Martin Felke:



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