Concours BlenderGuru

Andrew Price lance un nouveau concours sur blender guru avec pour thème « Characters ».

Hey, everyone! It’s time for another competition!

This time, it’s all about characters! We’re talking about humans, golems, creatures from the underworld. Anything with legs, some sort of beating heart… you get the idea.


Comme d’habitude, les prix sont :

• 500$ à reverser à l’assotiation de votre choix
• Un item à valoir sur Blender e-shop
• Une place permanente sur la page des gagnants.


• It must be created with Blender
• It must be rendered with either Cycles or the Internal Renderer
• It must be created by one person, and only one entry per person is allowed.
• Minor post processing in Gimp or Photoshop is allowed
• Minimum image size is 1280 x 720, but the bigger the better (any aspect ratio is fine)
• Your image must be a new creation, not an existing project
• It must be your own work. No bought/borrowed or third party models allowed
• Addons are permitted (except MakeHuman)
• Photographic elements are allowed, but must not be a central part of the image (sky backgrounds are okay)
• It must be family friendly (no overtly sexual or gory imagery)
• Your image must in some way relate to the theme
• The winner will be required to submit their .blend file to prove it’s creation

Vous avez jusqu’au 17 Mars pour présenter vos créations !