Blender developer meeting minutes du 1er December 2013.

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today’s meeting in, #blendercoders.

1) 2.70 targets and planning

– Updated the wiki planning page:

– Brecht van Lommel: will check on Cycles volume render work, probably as ‘experimental feature’ in next release though

– Stuart Broadfoot: will work on ambient occlusion value node, and help on volumetrics.

– Jonathan Williamson & Brecht: work on new keymap default is moving on, not sure how complete the new default for release would be for release… the idea is to make it as minimal as possible, so it can be efficiently customized.

– Jonathan is still looking for a maintainer for default Maya and Max keymaps, contact him to volunteer!

– Antonis Riakiotakis works on C code support for pie menus, the basic architecture to manage and draw them (in UI style, Themes, DPI, etc control).

2) Other projects

– Alembic testing by Lukas Toenne:

– Ton Roosendaal: as announced at the Blender Conference, we are going to get a very nice EU Media subsidy in 2014. This will support the existing developers better, and allow us to add two new people in the paid support team.

Media budget is mainly meant to support film production environments, like asset management, and physics+animation systems (hair, cloth included). Full report (with names) will be online in a week.



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