Enilnacs nous présente un multishader bien pratique pour cycles.

En partenariat avec Microno, il ont développé un multishader pour cycles qui permet de faire toute sortes de shaders, en allant du simple diffuse, au chrome, glass ainsi que SSS et le tout en GPU !



Vous trouverez le shader sur Blendswap.

Ainsi qu’une vidéo sur Youtube qui nous présente le shader et ses possibilités.


Voici les Features:

Fully GPU compliant!

Speed is even faster than the normal Universalshader (i will still update it, it’s not « old » :-D), also more compact .

Complete quasi-volumetric/raycasting including SSS

Universal setup, NO sockets, ONE output!

Extremely intuitive parameters for artists

COMPLETE MODEL for any material you want (only physically accurate nodes used!)

Speed and efficient routing and reuse of nodes internally in an very flexible way

IOR driven Surface and Subsurface setup

Texturing with only 2 texture inputs (surface/subsurface)!

Only 10, really easy settings!

Color coded and internal organized for easy tweaking.

Notes for using:The shader is divided in a surface and an subsurface component which is fully IOR driven!

The glossy and specular components are surface interfaces like in real life with full IOR dependency, while the diffuse and scattering components are the subsurfaces.

Like in real life a very high IOR drives the surface fresnel reflection (glossy), while a very high IOR reflective gets a metal (with the IOR reflective value!).Feel free to play around, there are only 10 settings! Once you get the hang of it, maybe you wont want to go back. 😉

Although this is version 1.0, and should work perfectly in a complete material model, please feedback for bugs.It should be very fast, with optional full dispersion, SSS and scattering and all calculations active on GPU.

In about 10min at 4K with 512 samples (the stanford dragon in the preview) (580GTX)!

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all artists!


Enilnacs Fusion shader
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