Gooseberry developper meeting

Voici le compte rendu de la Developper meeting du projet Gooseberry pour ce qui est du pipeline et des outils à développer.


The investigations we will do for asset/project management is going to be a separate discussion and blog post here. Here’s some notes:

– Currently investigations include TACTIC (from SouthPawTech).

– Director requested a great ‘story editing’ tool – which could be web based, so everyone can see the film in every quality and version at any time. Idea: this could be main interface to access assets and projects.

– Better define what part of an asset is handled through an asset manager. Coordinate with Andrea Weikert, see which parts of asset browser branch can be refined to work for Gooseberry asset requirements.

– Need to define design of asset sharing system. Where is it a new tool, where is it in Blender itself.

– Investigate ‘compiling’ of .blend files, to pack in dependencies only, and allow server-side unpack before versioning happens.

– We wait for further investigations and feedback/interviews of people before deciding or defining work. Comes back in March!

Comme on peu le voir, il y a énormément de travail et d’outils à développer tant au niveau des assets management, des particules, de cycles, des outils existant à améliorer etc.

L’avenir de Blender s’annonce bien sympa !